As the song says “from little things big things grow”. I kinda already knew it and I teach it in my classes every week, especially in relation to saving. However, it hit home last week when we rocked into the bank with this inconspicuous bucket of small change. Granted, it was heavy.  All silver, 20c, 10c and 5c only.  All the good coins had been spent a long, long time ago.

How much is this bucket of coins worth?

How much is this bucket of coins worth?

It doesn’t look like much does it?  How much do you think it was worth? On the way to the bank the hubster and I speculated about how much we thought it was worth. We both concluded that it would only probably add up to $20 or so. In our view $35 was the absolute max.  I was so confident in my prediction that I stupidly said to Miss Money that she could have the money to spend on school supplies as she embarks on her first year of primary school in a couple of days.

Into the coin machine they go......

Into the coin machine they go……

How wrong we all were!! As we poured the money into the counting machine it became abundantly clear that we were way off. In fact the 20c pieces in the green bag on their own were worth $40!!!!! We quickly passed $60, then $80, then the grand total……….

The grand total

The grand total!!!! $133.30!!!

Yep, you read it correctly, $133.30!!!!!!!!!! Insane!!!!! Who knew that a pile of small coins could be worth that much!!! Of course I had to do a mummy dodgy on the promise of school supplies and gave her $26 instead…… she was so excited by the process she didn’t even notice!!! Whew!!! So when saving seems too hard, why not start with those 5c and 10c pieces – they really add up!!!

Do you save small change? Have you ever been surprised by how much it turned out to be?

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