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The beginning

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Interview With Talking Mums Magazine

Hi All,

I did an interview with Talking Mums Magazine the other week about Money Mummy and where I would like it to go.  Click on Read More to see the You Tube video. Check it out!  Happy Investing!  Money Mummy

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The Birthday Present

On June 18th last year it was my birthday, a day like pretty much any other.  My husband and I dropped our beloved daughter, Miss Money at childcare and I went off to work.  About mid-morning, I passed a team mate in the photo copy room and we had a quick chat when he confided in me that he was scared that he was going to be made redundant.  I told him that if anyone in the group was going to be made redundant it was going to be me.  I returned to my desk to finish my research report and not more than half an hour later it happened to me!  My boss pulled me into a room and that was it.  I was told it wasn’t anything to do with my performance, it was cost cutting and there would be several of us who would be going.

For me […]

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Money Mummy Begins

After sixteen years working on the Australian and International stock markets, today I have made the big leap into cyber space and truly started my new business venture, Money Mummy.

Money Mummy aims to help you make the most of your money by giving you simple, accessible, independent, jargon free information on important money matters.  I want to arm you with the information required to help you make decisions in areas such as:

– Superannuation – What is it? What can I do with it?

– Savings – Simple strategies that make a difference

– Debt – Good debt versus bad debt?  How to pay down your mortgage faster

– Government benefits – Making sure you get your full entitlements

– Investments – Property versus shares, stock market strategies made easy

– Scams – Tips on how to watch out for major money pitfalls

– Mummy matters – Childcare choices, costs of having a baby, public versus private […]

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