Christmas is a great time to “get your craft on” and save some cash by making gifts instead of heading to the shops.  Given I am not at all talented in the area of craft, I asked the brilliant Bel from Mums Take Five to guest post with one of her fabulous craft ideas for Christmas.  This one is one is super easy and looks amazing.  I can’t wait to get “my craft on”  with Miss Money and make one myself!  Over to you Bel!

Written by Bel from Mums Take Five

This is an easy craft for kids to build and looks so cute when its done. Our Grandma loves hers!

You’ll need:

  • A paper plate
  • Green paper for the hands (we used 12 hands in this one so six sheets with two hands per sheet)
  • Glue
  • Coloured paper squares and pompoms or similar for the centre
  • Piece of ribbon or string



I let my 5 year old do most of this craft to get that authentic made by me look. You may want to do more or less pending on your child’s scissor and tracing skills.

So here are the steps:

  1. Trace your hand on the green paper and cut them out you may need more or less pending on your hand size.  We used 12 in this one.  Cut more than you’ll need they look nicer over lapped.
  2. Take your paper plate and cut out the middle section. Your child will probably need help with this.
  3. Turn the plate so the curve is facing down and put glue all around the top rim.
  4. Lay all your hands down, gluing in between if required.
  5. Around the centre glue on your coloured squares and then finish off with the pom poms
  6. Once it has dried turn it over and put a hole through the top of the paper plate and then thread through your ribbon.

Ta dah!  A beautiful made by me Christmas wreath.  An ideal gift for family and friends.



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