Loads of people I speak to have lost superannuation.  Actually, I think most people do, you simply change jobs a few times and lose track.  Easily done.  Well, until recently one of those people was my husband.  Yes, my husband had superannuation that had been lost in the system from a job he had ten years ago!

I cannot tell you how much this irked me.  Finding your lost superannuation is the quickest and easiest way to boost your superannuation balance, and it helps keep you off cat food in retirement.  Having explained this to my husband, I started a campaign to get him to move his superannuation.  So year one, not wanting to be the nagging wife, I would gently remind him that he had a new job and that he should move his superannuation.  Nothing.  Year two, I stepped up the campaign a notch and I printed out the switch form a couple of times and left it next to his computer.  Nothing.  Year three, giving up on the idea of not wanting to be the nagging wife, I gave regular, not so subtle reminders to move his superannuation.  Still nothing.  Year four, sigh, I gave up my campaign.  Like they say you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.  Then about a month ago, out of nowhere, after reading one of my posts my husband declared he was going to find his super.  Hooray! I wasted no time and got him on to the computer and over to the ATO SuperSeeker site.

It was so easy and took very little time at all.  All he needed was his name, date of birth, tax file number and a previous notice from the tax department to register for online services.  (He just used last year’s tax assessment).  When he got on to his account and did a search for his lost superannuation there it was, waiting for him.  Just a few more clicks and he had transferred it to his current superannuation account.  A few weeks later, his current superannuation provider sent us a letter saying the money had been received.  Yay!  So simple.

However, you don’t just have to use SuperSeeker there are a couple of other ways to find your lost superannuation too.  A great way is to contact your current superannuation provider or check their website and get them to do it for you.  Most have a service to find your lost superannuation and they will also help you combine superannuation accounts.  Combining your accounts into one is a great strategy as it not only helps save on fees but it also makes your superannuation much easier to keep track of.  Over the long term, fees eat into your retirement savings.  Also you can click here to contact AUSfund, they look after the lost super of many Australians for some of the biggest super funds in Australia.  They can tell you if they have any of your lost superannuation.

So, don’t wait ten years like my husband did, click here to go to the ATO’s SuperSeeker site and find your lost superannuation today.

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