Ok I will admit it!  I am a little bit obsessed!  But after being horrified that Chrisco charges 28% more than Woolworths for the same hamper of goods (click here to see the post) I wondered whether Hamper King would be better value.  So I decided to do the numbers on Hamper King and find out.

I chose the ‘Traditional Feast’ Hamper with Hamper King (click here to see what it includes), which was the closest comparable I could find to the hamper I used for Chrisco.  The ‘Traditional Feast’ hamper is valued by Hamper King at $348 or $7.57 per week.  The methodology I used was exactly the same too.  I found out from the Hamper King website what was included in the hamper then simply went on to the Woolworths internet shopping site (which could have just as easily been the Coles site) and found out the value of each product in the hamper.  If I could not find an exact match for the product I chose another brand with the same size or for some things I found the same brand but a different size (these are all annotated in my spreadsheet, us finance geeks love a good spreadsheet!)

So what did I find out?  I was blown away to find out that Hamper King actually is worse value than Chrisco on the hamper that I looked at!!!!!  The hamper I examined at had products in it to the value of $204 according to Woolworths compared to the $348 that Hamper King were charging.  A whopping 41% difference!  Horrifying!!!  Yes I know their prices include delivery but Hamper King would be getting the goods for the hamper at wholesale rates so I cannot see how such a difference can be justified.  Not to mention they are earning interest on the money they collect from you during the year before they pay the suppliers at Christmas!

I also have no doubt that you could easily do better than the hamper cost I came up with by using sales and buying from a combination of Coles, Woolworths and Aldi.

A further look around their website shows more price differences.  Hamper King sells regular vouchers to places like Flight Centre or Target or Kmart with a 10% mark up.  So for a voucher worth $100, you pay $110 or a voucher worth $500 you pay $550.  These vouchers can be brought for their exact worth directly from the store or for example a Flight Centre voucher can be brought on the internet for it’s face value plus $7.95 for postage.   So a $500 voucher would cost you $507.95 rather than $550 through Hamper King.

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It really does pay to do your numbers on these sorts of hampers and it is so quickly and easily done using the internet shopping sites of the likes of Woolworths and Coles.  I would urge anyone considering getting one of these hampers to check the value first and then to have a look at other ways to save the money for themselves.  From the hampers that I have looked at it certainly seems you will get far more bang for your Christmas buck doing it yourself.

If you would like to check out my spreadsheet with the calculations please click here.

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