The first week of September is a very exciting week in my calendar.  It is MoneySmart week!!!  For those who haven’t heard of MoneySmart week, it is a week dedicated to taking simple steps to make a positive difference to your finances.  It is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about your money and improve your money management skills.

To help us all do this, this year the people at MoneySmart Week have come up with seven FREE money challenges:

  • Ditch your debt (credit and debt)
  • Sort your super (superannuation)
  • Manage your money (budgeting)
  • Protect what’s precious (insurance)
  • Build your worth (saving & investing)
  • Plan ahead (estate planning)
  • Female financial fitness

There is also an eighth challenge for Under 18s called Start Early!

Each challenge gives you 3 easy steps to help you get on top of that issue.  All the challenges are completely FREE!!

So, don’t miss this opportunity to get you finances in order.  Pick an area (or two, or three or more) and take the challenge!

Also, if you share the fact you are doing a MoneySmart challenge on social media you could win one of seven daily prizes of a $500 gift card.  Please refer to the MoneySmart Week website below for the full details.

I will be doing all the challenges (except the youth one as I don’t really qualify anymore :-) ) so make sure you pop over to the Money Mummy Facebook page during MoneySmart Week to see how I am going with the challenges.

To find out more about the challenges, the social media competition and to register click here and visit the official MoneySmart Week website.

What will your MoneySmart Challenge be?


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The information contained in this post is general in nature and does not constitute financial advice.  Please see your financial advisor for advice specific to your individual circumstances.