So here is our 5th winter family meal on a budget recipe and oh shock horror it is from me!!!!  As most of you know I am no Martha Stewart in the kitchen, well particularly not the insider trading bit!!!  But this post is proof that anyone can cook, and even better they can write a recipe too!!!  This is one of my faves.  Not only is it budget, but it is super-dooper easy! So give it a go! Here it is!

This is my version of Pumpkin soup and it is a huge hit in our household, even with the particularly fussy nearly four year old.  I use it as an opportunity to hide in there all things orange so particularly things like sweet potato and oddly enough pumpkin which she will not touch under normal circumstances!  Yes, strangely enough she will eat pumpkin soup but will not eat pumpkin in any other form…. go figure :-)  Anyway here is how I do it….


1.5 kgs of pumpkin (they are super cheap at the moment as they are in season)

1 large sweet potato

3 or 4 carrots

1/2 a medium onion or a whole one if you really like onion

1 litre of vegetable stock (if you want to make the meal cheaper you can use water)

Budget Pumpkin Soup

The ingredients chopped and ready to boil


Peel and chop all the vegetables and put them into a large pot.

Pour in the vegetable stock but make sure that you don’t cover all the vegetables.  Pour the stock so the level of the liquid is about 3cm shy of where you would cover the vegetables.  This is because the veges let off water so you don’t want to add too much liquid to start as it will be too watery when you have finished cooking it. Yes I did learn this bit the hard way :-)

Boil for 30 minutes or until mushy (my technical term of course)

Whizz it up.  I use a hand blender


Ready to eat!

Ready to eat!

This recipe serves my family of three for two nights.  Sometimes on the second night we add some rice to bulk it out or chicken for a different flavour.  My hubby loves to add meatballs from Ikea, so you can pretty much add what you like.

So there it is, proof positive that anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can cook!!!  I even put the pictures in to prove it!!! 

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