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Last week I popped out to my letterbox to see what the postman had brought.  No bills; fabulous, a few pieces of junk mail; ok, but then I saw an ominous looking envelope.  You know the sort, official looking but you can’t tell who has sent it.  I started to get nervous.  Could it be the dreaded Tax Department?  No, we already had a pay up notice from them and it wasn’t even due yet.  The Department of Social Security or Human Services or whatever they call themselves nowadays?  Nope.  It didn’t look good.  So with great hesitation I opened it.

It was a speeding fine!  Agggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!  I didn’t realise the main road next to my new job was a 50 km/h zone and I had been caught by a speed camera doing 64 km/h!!   The total cost of my misadventure the loss of 3 demerit points and $248!!!!  Ouch!!!

I hate paying fines.  My husband says I drive like ‘Miss Daisy’ and maybe I do.  I think it is best to try and avoid fines at all costs.  Clearly this time I was not ‘Miss Daisy’ enough.  My bad.  I broke the rules and now I have to pay.  However, I cannot help but think of all the other things I could have done with that money.  Money that is now going into the government’s coffers.

However, it could have been worse.  Another 6 kms/h over the speed limit and it would have cost me $425 and 4 demerit points!  Eeeek!!!   And if you are travelling 30 kms/h over the speed limit it costs you $815!  And don’t even think of touching your mobile phone while driving, that will cost you another $298!

Although being fined is, by far, not the worst outcome you can face from breaking the road rules.  No, there are far worse outcomes.  You could cause an accident.  Then not only do you have the hassle and cost of dealing with repairers and insurance companies to get everything fixed, but you could also face negligent driving charge.  The maximum penalty for an offence of negligent driving is a $1,100 fine.  Ouch!

But even that is not the worst of it.  If you have an accident, especially at speed or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol,  you are more likely to hurt or kill yourself, your family or someone else and their family.  It really does not get any worse than that.

So be careful this Christmas and stick to the road rules.  Remember double demerit points will apply on the major holiday periods.  Make sure you stick to the speed limits, don’t touch your mobile phone while driving and especially make sure you do not drink and drive.  Your wallet, your family and potentially someone else’s will thank you.  In the meantime it is back to being ‘Miss Daisy’ for me!

{Please note the cost of fines quoted in this post are from the NSW Roads and Maritime Services Department.}

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