When you speak to people about Aldi there are pretty much two camps.  There are those that love shopping at Aldi and those that don’t.   The truth be told I am in neither camp.  We live a five minute walk from a large name supermarket so that tends to be where we shop, more out of convenience and a bit of exercise, than anything else.   However, after hearing stories from my friends about how much they think they save from shopping at Aldi, combined with figuring out how much we spend on groceries every month(click here to find out more), I decided to see for myself how much we could save by shopping at Aldi.

In putting the Aldi’s to the test,  I chose 18 items at Aldi that would appear reasonably regularly on our shopping list and compared the prices to my local big name supermarket.  The list is spread across a range of areas including fresh produce, meat, personal goods and packaged foods and drink.  I tried to compare similar sized packages and looked at the cost per unit.

The result was a 28% saving by shopping Aldi rather than my local supermarket!!! (Click here to see the full spreadsheet with the list and my calculations).   Interestingly there were only 3 items out of 18 where Aldi was more expensive than my local supermarket.  That was in minced meat, tissues and milk.  So regardless, wherever you shop, it always pays to know your prices!  However, that said, across pretty much all the other areas there were reasonably decent savings to be made.

Of course, this comparison is not completely fair as the brands I am comparing are not exactly the same and so there may be quality or taste differences between the products which have not been captured in this pure price comparison.  Also, I only looked at a random selection of items, not every single one that I would normally buy.  So, it always pays to do your own homework and see if Aldi works for you.

Aldi deliver on their cheaper prices by having a reduced product range.  This means that many of my friends do two shops , to fill in any brands or products that might be missing from their initial Aldi shop.  This does add a bit to the inconvenience to the whole shopping experience.  However, I guess though  at the end of the day, 28% is a pretty reasonable price difference, so I might be rolling down to our local Aldi a lot more often!!!

How do you find shopping at Aldi?

p.s  This is not a sponsored post – just something I did because I wanted to know and I thought you might be interested too :-)

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