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Save Health Insurance

Last week I spent some time trying to figure out whether we had the best deal on our private health insurance.  You see, we have been with the same insurer for 10 or so years and they have been great, but recently I have begun to wonder whether our health insurance might be a place where we could save some cash.  The truth is this process wasn’t easy.  In fact I can safely say that a couple of hours in and the whole ‘health insurance’ scene was doing my head in!!!  However, in amongst the talk of excesses, hospital choices, government rebates, blah blah  I did figure out quite a few things.  So here they are to help you make your health insurance journey far more pleasant than mine J

(1)   Figure Out What Cover You Have Now And How Much You Pay For It

This is the best place to start, you can’t compare something unless you know what you have already.  So I looked at what type of hospital cover we have, noting what was covered and what is not.  I looked closely at our extras cover and what was included.  Then I found out how much our excess was.  This is how much we would have to pay if we had a hospital stay.  Once you have had a hospital stay and paid the excess you don’t have to pay it for subsequent visits in that calendar year (for my health company).   The last thing you need to know is how much you are paying, and whether that includes the government rebate.  (To figure out whether you qualify for the rebate and how you can have it paid click here).

(2)   Figure Out What Features Are Important To You

On the hospital cover ask yourself a stack of questions about what you need.  For example are you thinking of having a child/more children/IVF?  What family history do you have that might need to be covered for?  Do you need extras?  In our case when we decided our family was done we downgraded from what I call ‘baby coverage’ and this saved us a stack of dosh.  If you only take one thing from this post make sure you check your level of cover is appropriate, as it can give you big savings.  In term of extras the most important features I decided for us were optical and dental.  Yes, both the hubby and I are ‘four eyes’ and let’s just say the hubster spends a fair bit of time at the dentist.  The rest we use marginally so if one has better physio than another I decided that it shouldn’t really sway me.  Choosing two services to focus on really helped as it narrowed my focus down.

(3)   How Much Excess Can You Afford To Pay

The way it works is the higher your excess the lower the cost of health insurance.  However, having a high excess is useless if you can’t afford to pay it when you need to access the services.  So choose an excess that is manageable for you.  We went for a high excess as we have the cash in an emergency fund to pay for it if we needed it.

(4)   Find Out If You Have A Loading Under Life Time Health Cover

If you take out hospital cover as part of your health insurance after your 30th birthday you will you will pay a 2% loading on top of your premium for every year you are aged over 30.  The loading lasts for 10 years.  My husband didn’t start cover until he was 32 so he has a 4% loading until he is 42.  To find out more about the loading click here.

(5)   Start Comparing Health Insurance Policies

Ok, this is the tricky bit as it is hard to know what is out there.  Remember to keep the focus on the features that are most important to you.  I started by using a government site (click here) and seeing what policies they suggested.  Next I used a commercial comparison site.  These are good for finding out what is out there, but a word of warning be prepared to be harassed!!  I put in my details and an hour later they were calling.  When I ignored it they called again and again.  When I finally spoke to the guy he was helpful but I did feel pressured to make a decision so I cracked out the old “I will have to talk to my husband” so I could have time to think.  At the end of the daykeep in mind that they are trying to sell you something, so don’t be rushed into a decision.  Also each comparison site does not have access to every health fund so it might not necessarily give you the best deal.  That said, my guy was really helpful and even told me that my current provider gave me the best optical extras.  So comparison sites can certainly be helpful and definitely helped me on my journey to figure this out.

So what happened in the end?  After much contemplation and hair pulling-out we have decided to stick to our current health fund.  However, if you ever choose to change it is pretty easy and you don’t have to re-serve waiting periods as long as you are moving to the same level of cover or lower.  So it is always worth checking if you can get a better deal!  🙂

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The information contained in this post is general in nature and does not constitute financial advice.  Please see your financial advisor for advice specific to your individual circumstances.


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Save Electricity Bill

I hate to think about it, but our electricity bill is high, really high.  I opened it recently and was shocked to find it was $1400 for the last quarter!  Ouch! Okay our house is all electric with no gas, but really?  It is not even a big house, it is a small house.  We don’t even have hordes of people living with us.  It is just the 3 of us.  Yes, the bill was for over the winter period but even then it seems ridiculous.  Surely I could get a better deal?

With my mission set, I went off in search of more spark for my buck.   My first stop was the Australian Government website called ‘Energy Made Easy’ (click here to check it out)   This site is designed to help you compare all the electricity and gas retailers in your area to see if you are on the best energy deal for your needs.  All you need is a recent bill and they will give you a run down on the most appropriate deals for your location and usage levels.

From the bill I needed:

(1)    The time period for the bill

(2)    The total amount of electricity we used (usually on the second page)

Then the only other things I needed were my postcode and what type of tariff you are on (they help you figure out that).  The results came back that there were 3 providers that had the best deals for me and interestingly they were 3 companies that I had never heard of!!

Next I visited the individual company’s websites.  As it turned out one of the companies was in Tasmania so they were out of the running given I lived in New South Wales!!!  So I contacted the remaining two companies and got them to give me a call.  It is a bit of a pain to have to go through all the rigmarole of talking to the companies – but nothing beats leg-work when it comes to getting a great deal!  Besides you learn a lot about how your bill works and how electricity is charged.

In the end I went with a company that gives me:

(1)    A rate structure that is far more favourable than my current provider.

(2)    5% off the total bill for paying on time.  This is an easy win for us as I always pay on time using direct debit.  This discount alone is worth $70 a quarter off my bill as with my previous energy company I did not get any discount.  (Note: If you have a Healthcare card you are also eligible for a further discount so make sure you tell your electricity/gas or telephone company if you have one).

(3)    No surcharge for using my credit card to pay by direct debit, unlike my previous provider.

(4)    It is a two year contract but with no break fee if we leave the house.

My guesstimate this change in supplier will save us $160 per quarter or $640 per year.  Not a bad payoff for a couple of hours work.

Now my next project is to get our electricity usage down 🙂

p.s always contact your current provider before making a change and find out any costs that may be involved in switching.

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