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Pocket Money And My Mamamia Outloud Appearance!!!

I really enjoy blogging.  Not only does it give me the ability to interact and share my knowledge with my incredible readers (yes, you!!), it also at times throws up at times some pretty amazing opportunities. A couple of weeks ago one of these astounding opportunities hit my email inbox. It was an email from Holly Wainwright Editor of Mamamia!!! Yes the Mamamia, Australia’s premier website for women!!! Holly said that she had read my blog and was wondering if I would be interested in joining her and Andrew Daddo discuss pocket money on Mamamia’s popular parenting podcast “This Glorious Mess”.

“YES!!!” was my swift response!! Let’s face it, no one wants to reject the opportunity to be in the same room as a Daddo!!! :-)  So before I knew it I found myself in a recording studio chatting pocket money with Holly and Andrew!!! It was an amazing experience.  I was […]

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How To Choose The Right Home Loan For You

Yesterday, I went to my first ever blogger event for the launch of Macquarie Bank’s new “Flyer Home Loan”.  It is a home loan where you can earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points directly through your mortgage.  It is a sign of the times that these types of products are starting to appear.  Competition in the mortgage market is starting to increase and the players are starting to think of innovative ways to get new customers, so you can expect to see more of these types of home loans in the future.

However, as you all know, I am a big fan of the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and especially so when it comes to mortgages.  I believe you should get the cheapest loan you can, with the right features (free extra repayments and withdrawals or offset account or both) and pay that sucker off as fast as you can […]

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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

This post is a bit out of the ordinary for my regular Money Mummy readers.  Today it is not all about the thrilling topics of tax, superannuation or mortgages.  No! Today is all about sharing the bloggy love and you getting to know more about what I like to read and finding out a bit more about the “mummy” behind the “money”.

You see, this week I got nominated for a ‘Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award’ by the wonderful Emily of Emily Morgan Writes.  Emily is an amazing writer and her site is a wonderful source of inspiration and information for all writers.  She helps to improve my writing with her invaluable tips and expertise.  Check her out her site here.  So thank you Emily for nominating me!

So what is the award all about?  The rules of this award are pretty straight-forward.  The […]

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