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How To Boost Your Superannuation Balance While You’re A Stay At Home Mum

Superannuation is important for all women, but probably even more so for Stay At Home Mums (SAHMs).  Having a break from paid work reduces our ability to contribute to our super leaving us much worse off than others when it comes to retirement age.

Last week I wrote about the superannuation co- contribution scheme and, if you qualify, what a great way it is to boost your superannuation balance for free (please click here to see the post).  During the week I had lots of questions from readers asking whether stay at home mums (SAHMs) can receive the co-contribution.  Unfortunately, the co-contribution scheme is only available to those in employment or self-employment.  As it stands, the powers that be, consider being a full time mum as “non paid work”,  so we do not qualify for the scheme.  Sadly, being paid […]

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How To Boost Your Superannuation Balance For Free!

No this is not a scam!  Yes this is legit!  Though I am very proud of you for being skeptical because you should be when it comes to your money.  However, if you qualify I have a way to make a 50% return for zero risk and boost your super balance in the process.

This is through the government’s superannuation co-contribution scheme.  It is really simple.  If in the upcoming financial year you earn less than $33,516 and you put a contribution of $1,000 of after tax money into your superannuation account then the government will put in an additional 50 cents for each dollar (up to $500).  You put in $1,000 and they give you $500 for free!  There are not too many legitimate investments that I know of in which you can a 50% return, for zero risk, guaranteed.  It is the closest thing I have seen to money […]

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Your Superannuation And Your Children: One Thing You Really Should Know

OK, here is a bit of a morbid one and it is something most people don’t like to think about but have you thought about what will happen to your superannuation should you die? Most people assume that their superannuation will pass to their beneficiaries as per their will, but this is not necessarily the case.  In fact, your superannuation does not always automatically form part of your estate should you die.  Surprised?

This is because superannuation is held in a trust structure and a Trustee manages your superannuation money on your behalf.  Who this is depends on the type of fund you have.  For an employer scheme this is often a large institution, for self managed funds, it could be a person or a private company.  When a member of the fund dies, the trustee of the super fund often has discretion to pay out the entitlements as the Trustee sees […]

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Women And Superannuation – How Do You Make Sure You Have Enough?

The superannuation system is based around an individual working full time for forty years.  For many women, especially mothers this simply does not reflect our working lives.  Many of us take career breaks, some for substantial periods of time and many of us, when we do return to paid work, opt for part time positions.  These factors hamper our ability to contribute to our superannuation balances.  The end result is that the current median super balance for women aged 35 to 44 is around $22,600 versus around $41,000 for men.

So what strategies can you use to make sure you have enough for retirement?  Making additional contributions pre baby or ramping up contributions when you return to work are probably the best way to increase super balances and make up for a break in employment.  It’s important to remember that a small increase in contributions can make a big difference when […]

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