As most people know, I am no Martha Stewart, not in the kitchen and particularly not the insider trading bit!!!  So this week on Money Mummy, I have decided to do something a little different and have challenged four of my most favourite bloggers to join me and come up with two winter recipes each that will fill your family’s belly but won’t break the bank.

So ‘Ta Da’ welcome to “Winter warming recipes that will keep both your belly and budget smiling”

So let me introduce the fab five:

  • The wonderful and very talented Bel from Mums Take Five
  • Our resident Nanny expert – the amazing Hope from Nanny Shecando
  • The scrapbooker extraordinaire – the lovely Sheridan from Sheridan Anne
  • The foodie genius – Jodie from the Fresh Home Cook
  • Me, Shelley from Money Mummy and the one recipe I know how to make :-)  Out to prove that anyone, yes ANYONE, can cook!

Rest assured, that not only will your bank account love these winter recipes, your kids are certain to love them too!  Between the 5 of us we have 13 children, so these are all recipes have been well and truly tried and tested on the kids and are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser!!!

Ok so here are our amazing winter family meals on a budget so far:

Click here to see our Roasted sausages and vegetables with Bel from Mums Take Five

Click here to see our Veggie Super Food Bowl with  Hope from Nanny Shecando

Click here to see our Chicken Noodle Soup with Jodie from Fresh Home Cook

Click here to see our Chicken Pot Pie with Sheridan from Sheridan Anne

Click here to see our Pumpkin Soup with me!!!

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